Hello, I'm Rei  a business designer & hacker specialized in launching new businesses, creating brands, products & services, and enabling innovation capabilities for organizations. 

At a glance, I commit myself to make things better and make better things.

What I do


I help companies have better understanding of their customers, emerging needs and new technologies to unlock new sources of revenue and growth opportunities. I use design research methods, auditing, data science and BI tools for this process.


After understanding the customers and operational realities I help companies design or transform their business models, strategies and value chain to find friction points, gaps or unlock the new growth vectors, then orchestrate strategies for turning their ideas into profitable realities.


After designing the strategy my role consists in leading or overseeing the creation, technical building and testing of digital, physical and environmental products, new brands, services or user experiences.


Business and products design often involves rapid prototyping, quick launching of MVPs and iterations to improve experiences once out in the wild. I help companies with their MVP launching, Go-to-Market strategy and the continuous development process. Launch also involves growth hack strategies to capture early customers and accelerate growth and venture valuation.


By capturing insights and relevant customer information then iterating to improve their value offerings using processes automation, data and BI, I help clients continuously enhance their customer experiences and lock-in enduring and sustainable growth on their ventures.


Finally, I help companies enable innovation and design capabilities in their organizations by providing consulting, c-level coaching, entrepreneurial mentoring, personnel training and workshops. I also collaborate with the public sector enabling social impact and supporting public development and sustainability projects.


Want to discuss your next big idea?
You can drop me a line or call me:

E: say@hellorei.com
P: +1 (424) 319-0893

I am available for collaborations, interviews, public speakings and consultation. Sadly I am no longer available for private consulting for projects, instead you can visit our company's website: